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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Alat tradisi ini telah mencetuskan kontroversi,mase Pia buat entry ini mase Honduras Vs Chile sedang berlansung.Memang kedegaran jelas bunyi menda alah ni,Kuat bunyinya.Pia rase memang mengganggu la bunyi dia,mungkin peminat mahu meriahkan suasana,tak semua org blh tahan dgn bunyi Vuvuzela ni.

Dalam situasi sebegini,ketahanan mental pemain diuji.Sejauh mane mereka dpt fokus pada perlawanan.Mampukah para pemain menghadapi SEGALA macambunyi dan keranah peminat bola.Terikat dgn udang2 permaianan bola lagi

Tapi kalau dah byk sgt org meniup nya,pening juge kepala.Kanak-kanak dinasihatkan tak dekat dgn org yg meniup alat ni.Bunyi alat ni boleh merosakkan gegendang telinga.

Susah juge ye jadi pemain bola sepak,dulu Pia ingat senag jer.22 org kejar 1 biji bola lpepas tu sumbat gol.hihi

The vuvuzela (English pronunciation: /vuːvuːˈzeɪlə/) , sometimes called a "lepatata" (its Tswana name) or a stadium horn, is a blowing horn up to approximately 1 m (3 ft 3 in) in length. It is commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa.[1] The instrument is played using a simple brass instrument technique of blowing through compressed lips to create a buzz, and emits (from the standard shorter horn of about 60–65 cm) a loud monotone (B♭3). A similar instrument (known as corneta in Brazil and other Latin American countries) is used by football fans in South America.[2]
Vuvuzelas have been controversial.[3] They have been associated with permanent noise-induced hearing loss,[4] cited as a possible safety risk when spectators cannot hear evacuation announcements,[5] and potentially spread colds and flu viruses on a greater scale than coughing or shouting.[6][7] Vuvuzelas have also been blamed for drowning the sound and atmosphere of football games.[8][9] Commentators have described the sound as "annoying" and "satanic"[10] and compared it with "a stampede of noisy elephants",[11] "a deafening swarm of locusts",[12] "a goat on the way to slaughter",[13] and "a giant hive full of very angry bees".[14]

The sound level of the instrument has been measured at 127 decibels[15][4] contributing to football matches with dangerously high sound pressure levels for unprotected ears.[16] A new model, however, announced on 14 June 2010, has a modified mouthpiece which is claimed to reduce the volume by 20 dB.[15]

2010 FIFA World Cup

In 2005, prominent black South African columnist and former sportswriter, Jon Qwelane, described the vuvuzela as "an instrument from hell" that had caused him to abandon watching live games, and urged that it be banned before the 2010 World Cup.[10]

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Hyundai and a local South African advertising agency called Jupiter Drawing Room created the largest working vuvuzela in the world—114 feet (35 m) long—on an unfinished flyover road in Cape Town.[29] The vuvuzela is powered by several air horns attached at the "mouthpiece" end, and it will be blown at the beginning of each of the World Cup matches.

As an annoyance during matches

Some plastic vuvuzelas carry a safety warning graphic.After the Confederations Cup FIFA received complaints from multiple European broadcasters who wanted it banned for the 2010 FIFA World Cup because the sound drowns out the commentators. Prior to the event Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk and Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso also called for a ban, the latter saying the horns make it hard for players to communicate and concentrate while adding nothing to the atmosphere.[26][30]

On 13 June 2010, the BBC reported that the South African organising chief Danny Jordaan was considering a ban of the vuvuzela during matches.[31] Jordaan noted that "if there are grounds to do so, yes [they will be gotten rid of]" and that "if any land on the pitch in anger we will take action."[31] On 15 June, it was reported that 545 complaints had been made to the BBC concerning the noise being made by vuvuzelas during coverage.[32] BBC is reportedly considering an alternate broadcast stream that filters out the ambient noise while maintaining game commentary.[33]

During the event many competitors have criticised and complained about the noise caused by the vuvuzela horns, including France's Patrice Evra who blamed the horns for the team's poor performance.[31] He also claimed that the sound of the vuvuzelas away from the stadiums hampered the ability of the players to get their rest.[34] Other critics include Lionel Messi who complained that the sound of the vuvuzelas hampered communication among players on the pitch,[35] and broadcasting companies, who complained that commentators' voices were being drowned out by the sound.[34] Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo went on record to state that the sound of the vuvuzelas disturbed the teams' concentration.[36]

Others watching on television have complained that the ambient audio feed from the stadium only contains the sounds of the vuvuzelas and the natural sounds of people in the stands are drowned out.[37] A spokesperson for the ESPN network said it was taking steps to minimize the noise of the vuvuzelas on its broadcasts.[38] There are some that see their use during the performance of the national anthems as disrespectful.[39][40] Other critics have also noted that it is seen as disrespectful to be "dismissive of the cultures of the guest team supporters".[41]

During the opening ceremony the announcer had to ask fans using vuvuzelas to be quiet as he could not be heard.[42]

A German sound engineer has offered for sale 45-minute MP3 downloads which, it is claimed, will cancel out the noise of the vuvuzelas during broadcast television matches by means of "active noise control". Scientific commentators have expressed scepticism about the possibility of this being effective.[43][44]

Use outside football games
Vuvuzelas also began to be blown at other locations, leading to a ban by some shopping centres.[45][46] Some World Cup football players complained that they were being awoken in their hotel rooms by the instruments.[47] Demand for earplugs to protect from hearing loss during the World Cup[48] outstripped supply, with many pharmacies running out of stock. Neil van Schalkwyk, manufacturer of the plastic vuvuzela, began selling earplugs to fans.[49]

In support of the vuvuzela
However other commentators have defended the vuvuzela as being an integral and unique part of South African football culture and say it adds to the atmosphere of the game.[50][51] BBC sports commentator Farayi Mungazi said the sound of the horn was the "recognised sound of football in South Africa" and is "absolutely essential for an authentic South African footballing experience". He also said there was no point in taking the world cup to Africa and then "trying to give it a European feel".[52] The Daily Telegraph's chief sports reporter Paul Kelso described critics of the vuvuzela as "killjoys" and said they should "stop moaning".[53]

In response to the criticism, President of FIFA Sepp Blatter commented, "I have always said that Africa has a different rhythm, a different sound. I don't see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country. Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country?" Wikipidia

Lagi kotroversi Vuvuzela disini dan sini

p/s-Macam Pia ni tak suka sangat suasana bising ni,rimas....


Anonymous said...

cik paro tak suka bunyi2 yg menyakitkan telingaa..
tak snggup nak ikuti perlawanan bola sepak..

Peri PiA said...

Lovely Paro-kmu tak suke bola?hehe akak minat juge la sikit2..tapai mmg xtahan bingit

soffya cik bulan said...

bkn je boleh pekak..
bole botak pun ada dengar bunyi gini..he

meh kita beli satu sorg...wt kejut org bangun sahur.hoho

jimmy tibbs said...

There are a couple of petitions online to ban the vuvuzela from the World Cup. Here's one:

Peri PiA said...

Lovely Pia-nge~,hihi kamu ni syg gerammm

bgs juge idea tu,tiuppp bgn sahurrrr

Jimmy tibbs-thanks ya


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