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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Like it! :)

Have u received this SMS before?I Like it! :) These r some of the romantic countries in the world & i would like to tell u all H.O.L.L.A.N.D H-Hope O-Our L-Love L-Last N-aNd N-Never D-Dies I.T.A.L.Y I-I T-Trust A-And L-Love Y-You L.I.B.Y.A L-Love I-Is B-Beautiful Y-You A-Also Bubyeee,C ya again InsyAllah *wink*


ezzati said...

penah2 dpt...zmn bila x ingat, mmg sweet je kan.. :)

Peri PiA said...

Lovely Ezzati
hehehe,very manis...

name saye puteri. said...

tak penah dapat pon..hihih..thnx ferv sharing, pia..lovely.

Peri PiA said...

put3 cayunk ,L.I.B.Y.A ;)


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